17 of the Best Skate Shoes to Bring Back the 2000s In


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Skate shoes were the footwear to have in the 2000s, but their moment came and went. Like boys in eyeliner, these thick-sided and comfy sneakers have largely been relegated to pop culture history. But that doesn’t have to be the case. These shoes are far from extinct; they’re just mostly used for their intended purpose: skateboarding.

Luckily, you don’t have to let the mascara-stained dreams of the new millennium die. These shoes are much more supportive and protective than your average flats or sneakers, and you can convert them to slip-ons with a rethread of the laces. So, channel your inner poser, blast some Flyleaf, and hit the skate park with the best skate shoes to channel your inner 2000s punk rocker.

17 of the Best Skate Shoes to Bring Back the 2000s In

1. Neon Lights: Let these cheerful blue and pink neon shoes guide your feet across the concrete – just $70!

2. Blackpink: Black and pink is a timeless color combo, and these low-top casual skate shoes will pair with anything – just $65!

3. All Day I Dream About Shoes: Combine the lines of an old-school shelltoe with the comfort of a skate shoe to get these understated sneakers – just $75!

4. On the Prowl: Make a statement and show you’re the queen of the plains with these cheetah-print high-tops – just $30!

5. Old Skool: The design might not be off the wall, but your comfort will be in these classic skate shoes – just $65!

6. Taller Old Skool: If you’re looking for some extra ankle support with retro skater aesthetic, then you’ll want these high tops to ollie into your wardrobe – just $79!

7. Chunky But Not Funky: You’ll get some extra padding in this skate shoe, and the chunky look goes great with jeans or Tripp pants – just $82!

8. Striking a Balance: If you want the feel of a skate shoe with a contemporary athletic design, these shoes have a flat sole with a top reminiscent of a tennis shoe – just $70!

9. Pretty in Pink: This high top is more of a multi-purpose shoe, but we couldn’t resist its extreme, in-your-face pinkness – just $40!

10. A Wisp of Color: These white flat-bottom sneakers spice things up (not too much) with a gentle tease of pink – just $41!

11. Non-Traditional Approach: A moccasin toe is a bit strange for skate shoes, but don’t let that stop you from living your best life with these slip-ons –just $42!

12. Big ’80s Energy: Get loud with these multi-print high tops that channel the more eclectic aspects of ’80s fashion – just $59!

13. Bowling for Style: If you’re feeling a bit like a kingpin, these blinged-out skater shoes will make you the envy of the lanes – if only they had the right soles – just $58!

14. Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Skate Shoes: Get colorful with these rainbow-print canvas low-tops and show the world how fabulous you are – just $100!

15. Checkmate Your Fashion Woes: This classic checkered print is iconic in the skating community and continues to be a bold statement that pairs well with practically anything – just $47!

16. Silly Snake: Show the world your bite is worse than your bark with this multiple snake print slip-ons – just $30!

17. Gold Experience: You’ll be singing a requiem for foot discomfort when you slip on these platform skate shoes – just $24!

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