Elle King Breaks Her Silence After Drunken Dolly Parton Tribute Performance


Elle King is speaking out. The “Ex’s and Oh’s” singer has broken her silence after making headlines with a drunken, profanity-laced performance at the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year. 

The incident occurred in January during a tribute event for Dolly Parton‘s 78th birthday at the famed venue in Nashville, Tennessee. At the time, King appeared to flub her way through a cover of Parton’s “Marry Me” and declared herself to be “f**king hammered.” The Opry went on to issue a formal apology to concertgoers, while the fallout led King to postpone and reschedule several shows

On Sunday, the 34-year-old singer took to Instagram to address the situation for the first time. 

In her video post, King can be running up the aisle of an empty stadium while wearing headphones. The clip is set to Able Heart’s song, “Masterpiece.” 

“To everyone sending me love because I’m human and already talked to Dolly, I love you,” she wrote on her reel. “To everyone who told me to k*ll myself, I love you too.” 

In her caption, she added, “Oh no was my human showing #WWDD.” 


King, who shares 2-year-old son Lucky with Dan Tooker, has since performed at the Extra Innings Festival in Tempe, Arizona, as well as the C2C (“Country to Country”) festival in Belfast, Ireland, and Glasgow, Scotland. She’s set to continue her C2C run on Sunday with a performance in London, England. 

King’s dad, Rob Schneider, proudly watched his daughter from the side of the stage during her show in Arizona on March 1. She later took to Instagram to post a photo of the two sharing a sweet father-daughter moment

In video obtained by TMZ, King could be seen chugging a bottle of water during her set. According to the outlet, fans noticed she kept a bottled water within arms reach throughout the performance.

King’s latest post showcases her ongoing commitment to working toward a healthier lifestyle. Back in August, she shared that her relationship with diet and exercise is ongoing and she is “still working towards an ever changing goals kinda thing.” 

At the time, she said she had been struggling with “deep depression” during and after her pregnancy. 

“I felt trapped in my body. I couldn’t even sing,” she explained. “So I started slow. Metabolic workouts. Light cardio to warm up my body, my lungs, my voice, and my spirit. I am a creature of habit, so I changed my f**king habits. Every few weeks I feel my body getting stronger. I add more workouts, I exercise with @pauldominic_ who is basically a body builder. But if you don’t have one of those then YOU have to be your own champion. Find music you like! Ride a bike! Go for a swim! I thought I wanted to lose weight, but it’s so much more. My BRAIN functions better on the days I move my body.”

She concluded,  “I just hope to live a long, wonderful, healthy life where I can drink a lot, eat fish, laugh as much as I can, and die happy🤘😇”


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