Farmer Wants A Wife: Joy Mayfield Ropes in Farmer Brandon – Recap [S2E5]


On Farmer Wants A Wife, Joy Mayfield makes her move on farmer Brandon Rogers resulting in two other women packing up and leaving the farm. Farmer Ty Ferrell hosts everyone at his annual roping event. Host Jennifer Nettles offers advice to get the tractor wheels rolling on this slow season. And Melanie Shaner takes matters into her own hands with Mitchell Kolinski. Let’s try to rope it all in this recap of Season 2, Episode 5 Steers Fears And Tears.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Joy Makes Her Move and Lassos Brandon

It’s early morning on Farmer Wants A Wife and Joy Mayfield is ready to take on the day and the other women on Brandon Roger’s farm. Joy is all giggles and big hair and Brandon Rogers certainly seems charmed. One person who’s not charmed is Reba Wood. She considers Brandon’s interest in Joy Mayfield a red flag. The tension is high but the girls get a break when Brandon announces they’ll all be heading to farmer Ty Ferrell’s for a roping event along with all the other farmers and ladies.

Once at the aptly named Ferrell Fall Classic, Joy Mayfield turns it up even more. She clings to Brandon while Reba seethes. And asks if he’d buy her a pony if she comes to live on the farm. Brandon says she’s really coming out of her shell. And he certainly enjoys the attention. Later the other girls mingle and Reba confides to Melody Fernandez that she thinks Brandon wants a “mannequin wife” if he’s into Joy.

Another lady feeling left out on Farmer Wants A Wife is Annellyse Munroe. She pulls Brandon aside and tells him she needs more from him. Later Joy Mayfield and Brandon are inseparable on the dance floor. This pushes Reba over the edge, and she shouts “I’m out” before stomping away. Host Jennifer Nettles follows her and suggests she tell Brandon herself. He’s sorry but maybe a bit relieved, later when Annalyse loses the solo date to Joy Mayfield, she says goodbye to Brandon Rogers and his farm too.

Ty Ferrell Hosts a Roping Event

Farmer Ty Ferrell hosts a big roping event every fall on his Missouri farm. This time he’s got four women around to help. Besides that, all the other farmers and their ladies are headed to enjoy the festivities. Host Jennifer talks to the women and the farmers separately to see how things are progressing. And she’s disappointed to hear that for most of the guys it’s a little slow. The ladies want to move beyond friendship. So she suggests the farmers show a little more affection.

Farmer Mitchell Kolinski still has 4 ladies on his farm on Farmer Wants A Wife. He takes them out to try their hand at bow hunting on a target. Of course, Sydney Errera hits a bullseye leaving the other three girls to scoop horse poop. Melanie Shaner fears she’s getting lost among the other girls.  So later at the hoedown she pulls him aside and lets him know she’s still in the game. This scores her the solo date.

Farmer Wants A Wife: The Farmers Choose Solo Dates

It’s been a long day for everyone at the Ferrell Fall Classic. With one girl down and another about to go, the farmers choose solo dates. Farmer Ty chooses Megan Lay. He finds her to have good energy. And she opened up about some baggage from her past. This leaves Brooke Ashleigh a little bummed. But she’s going to stick it out. Farmer Nathan Smothers took host Jennifer’s advice and kissed Taylor Bedell earlier. He also asks her for the solo date.

On Farmer Wants A Wife, Brandon Rogers loses two ladies after he chooses Joy Mayfield for his date. This leaves only Grace Girard and Joy for him to spend the remaining time with. However, scenes from next week suggest a bombshell. One new girl will be added to each farm. Nobody seems happy about this. So, it seems some feathers will be ruffled. Till next time!

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