General Hospital Predictions: Nina & Ava Friendship Goes Up in Flames over Sonny


General Hospital predictions suspect Nina Reeves‘ friendship with Ava Jerome may soon be destroyed because of Sonny Corinthos. Then, Nina might go off the rails and go after revenge on the ABC soap opera.

Nina Reeves Loses Everything on General Hospital

Right now, on GHNina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) is the town pariah with almost no one in her corner. The only two people on her side are her ex-husband, Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), and her bestie, Ava Jerome (Maura West). However, Ava’s loyalty has been questionable lately.

General Hospital Predictions: Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) - Ava Jerome ( Maura West)

Ever since the truth came out about Nina’s involvement in the SEC case, everyone in her life has abandoned her. Her daughter, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), wants nothing to do with her.

And that means she also loses her grandchildren on General Hospital. Also, her husband, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), is washing his hands of her. Recently, he blindsided her with divorce papers.

Then, he took off his wedding ring. Indeed, Nina’s betrayal cut so deep that he wants to end the life they were building together. Meanwhile, he’s getting closer to Ava, and their bond will only deepen as time goes on.

Ava Jerome Gets Closer to Sonny on GH

Currently, Ava is living in Sonny’s penthouse with him and their daughter, Avery Corinthos (Scarola twins). Because of the mob threat against them, Sonny thinks it’s safer for Ava to stay there under his protection.

However, since she’s been living there, the dynamic between them has been softening. For a long time, things have been tense between them. Mostly because of her role in the death of his son, Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig).

However, Ava is different now. She’s not the same ruthless person she used to be on General Hospital. Of course, she can be if necessary, but she’s much softer and more compassionate now. Indeed, it’s ironic because Sonny never trusted Ava. Now, she is one of the few people he can trust.

He’s come to lean on her and confide in her. Furthermore, Ava’s been helpful when it comes to his mob business. No doubt, she has plenty of experience because she is a former mob princess of the Jerome crime family. Indeed, they are a perfect match, and it looks like General Hospital is pushing them together.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Flips on Ava

This week, on GH, Ava shares an intense moment with Sonny. Then, Nina corners her. So, it appears that Ava gets a bit too close to the kingpin, and things might get physical soon. If so, Nina will lose her mind because Ava is one of Nina’s closest (and only) friends.

Plus, Sonny is still her husband. So if something happens between him and Ava, Nina will never forgive her. Furthermore, she may declare war on her. If Nina feels betrayed by both of them, that could be what pushes her over to the dark side.

General Hospital viewers know that Nina can be evil and destructive when she’s at her worst. And she may not stop until she makes Ava pay for moving in on her husband. At the very least, their friendship will be shattered.

And it seems that it all starts to go down this week. GH is wildly intense right now. Don’t miss a moment to see if Sonny and Ava Jerome heat up and if Nina Reeves will target them on the ABC daytime drama.

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