Married At First Sight – Austin Caught with Producer in Decision Day Disaster – Recap [S17E20]


On Married At First Sight, Austin says yes to Becca Haley on decision day but gets caught in a lie about stepping out with a producer. It’s war for Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet as they both want a divorce and vow to destroy each other. Cameron Frazer is kind to Clare Kerr on the decision day couch but exposes her true colors later. Let’s dive in to the doom right here in this recap of Season 17, Episode 20 Decision Day Round One.

Married At First Sight: Austin Accused of Getting Too Close with Producer

On Married At First Sight, Austin and Becca Haley say yes on decision day in spite of their lack of intimacy and rocky relationship. Austin claims he was smitten with his MAFS match on their wedding day. But Becca Haley suggests it’s smoke and mirrors. The experts seem baffled that the early odds favorite cute couple crashed and burned. Dr. Pia Holec suggests that it’s all good since he has his arm around her.

Austin talks in his typical circles and seems to be preoccupied. The experts rattle off typical buzzwords like commitment, consistency and time.  No matter that Austin has shown repeatedly that he’s just not into her. When it’s time to answer Becca admits she wants to say no. But the experts stare her down and she says yes. Austin seems bewildered and says yes too because he doesn’t want to look like a real d*ck on television. You know those damn optics.

Later on Married At First Sight, the couples gather post decision day at their apartment complex. It seems Becca spent the evening alone after D-day. And got a text from Emily and Clare who were out on the town and happened to see Austin and Brennan out on the town with Becca and Austin’s assigned female producer. Austin lies when Becca confronts him. She rips him in front of everybody for being involved with said producer. He has no defense and Becca Haley wants out.

Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet Trade Shots on Decision Day

It doesn’t get any more uncomfortable than Emily Balch and Brennan Shoykhet on decision day on Married At First Sight. There isn’t enough psycho babble in the world to save this toxic marriage. Pastor Cal Roberson shakes in his shoes while they duke it out. Emily says Brennan made her delete diary cams.  She was afraid to be honest about their problems off camera.

Brennan uses the old trope that he was trying to “protect her”. Pastor Cal blurts out “marriage doesn’t work you work”! Then calls out Brennan for his complete BS. Brennan smirks and claims to feel attacked. But Emily stays strong and admits the marriage went downhill after the honeymoon. Dr. Pia Holec can’t hide her disdain for Brennan. He does apologize to Emily but is vague about what he’s apologizing for.

Things get worse on Married At First Sight when Emily rattles off bullet points of his mistreatment. He friendzoned her and told her he pitied her and that he had enough to “ruin her” on TV. Brennan Shoykhet plays victim. Pastor Cal feels they are “irretrievably broken”. Both parties say no to staying married. Brennan says they didn’t emotionally and physically click. The experts rally around Emily Blach and that’s a wrap.

Married At First Sight: Cameron Frazer Praises Clare Kerr – Then Changes His Tune

In the most bizzarro decision day couch session, Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr sing each other’s praises but ultimately admit this match was a dud. Dr. Pepper Schwartz looks pained. And Dr. Pia Holec looks bored. Cameron is recovering from his heart surgery. But praises Clare for her “love” during his health crisis. He says she is one of the best people he’s ever met in his life.

But later Cameron changes his tune on Married At First Sight. Accusations fly from Becca about Austin crossing the line with a producer. It’s brought up that Cameron told Clare that Brennan talked about going on a double date. Clare claims she felt silenced by Cameron. This doesn’t sit well and he says that Clare manipulated him and silenced him from day one and walks off. So much for his earlier praise. So, we still have one couple left, Michael and Chloe, in this Denver season of doom.

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