RIIZE Anton’s alleged secret Instagram account unveiled; Accused of ‘Insulting Koreans’ |


The past few days have been a rollercoaster ride for both RIIZE members and their dedicated fanbase, as a series of controversies have thrust the group into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. From Seunghan‘s ongoing hiatus to rumors swirling around Anton‘s personal life and Eunseok’s alleged ties to a controversial figure Han Seo Hee, it seems like RIIZE can’t catch a break from the headlines.
But just when it seemed like the storm might pass, another controversy erupted, this time involving Anton and an alleged secret Instagram account that’s ignited heated discussions within the K-Pop community. The account, bearing the handle ‘ilovesamsungsomuch’, allegedly belonged to Anton before mysteriously vanishing from the platform. Its connection to him was revealed by the presence of mutual friends following the account.
Critics argue that the username itself constitutes an affront to Korean identity, interpreting it as a derogatory jab at the renowned Korean brand Samsung. Born and raised in America, Anton’s alleged involvement with such a platform has stirred accusations of tarnishing the reputation of Koreans while profiting from his status as a K-Pop idol.
Amidst these swirling rumors, attention has also turned to the controversial history of Anton’s father, renowned singer and producer Yoon Sang. In his youth, Yoon Sang found himself embroiled in a scandal involving allegations of attempting to evade military conscription by obtaining Argentine citizenship. Threatened with Interpol intervention, Yoon Sang ultimately renounced his Argentinian ties and fulfilled his military duties in 1993. However, the shadow of this incident has cast a pall over his reputation ever since, particularly in a society where military service holds significant importance.
Despite the uproar, SM Entertainment, the agency representing RIIZE, has remained silent on the matter, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any official statement regarding the latest controversy engulfing the group.

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