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Ryan Gosling‘s Oscars 2024 performance brought the entire Dolby Theatre to its feet. The star-studded presentation flamboyantly put the Barbie actor’s inner Kenergy to the max pink display as he took the stage with 65 other Kens – his co-stars Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Scott Evans, the song’s co-writer Mark Ronson and even Guns N Roses’ Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen. However, the sublime stage production was missing a significant member of the band – Ken’s very own guitar! This was the perfect moment for Gosling to step out with that extra buzz channelled in his character’s musical possession. However, it just couldn’t be, and it’s all because of BTS member Park Jimin.

Ryan Gosling gifted his Ken guitar to BTS' Jimin in 2023.
Ryan Gosling gifted his Ken guitar to BTS’ Jimin in 2023.

How BTS’ Jimin changed Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken performance at the Oscars:

When Greta Gerwig’s live-action Mattel-inspired storyline took over the world, it was “Kenough” for the world’s happiness. But, the first few chapters of the long journey were a bit bumpy. As soon as the first looks of the movie came out, BTS fans were astonished to see Gosling adorn a familiar outfit. The ARMYs quickly charged online to spread the word about the uncanny resemblance between Ken’s black cowboy outfit and Jimin’s Permission to Dance costume.

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Instead of fanning the flames and making a controversial mountain of this molehill, Gosling charmingly saved the day. Addressing it head-on, he admitted to the striking resemblance on Barbie‘s official X (formerly Twitter) handle. He had no plans of turning this into a heated fiasco and forged the “Ken code” by singing praises of the Serendipity singer and saying that “he definitely wore it best.” In his video message, Ryan addressed the custom law set in place by the new code, which suggested that he’d have to pass on his most prized possession – the Ken guitar – as a “humble offering” to BTS Jimin.

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In July 2023, Jimin gave warm thanks to the actor in a reciprocatory video upon receiving his gift: “Hi Ryan and Hi Ken. It’s Jimin. Congrats on your big release. My fans are excited to see your video so thank you so much. I could see that you look great in my outfit. Thank you for this guitar. I really love it. And I look forward to watching Barbie. Go Barbie!” The K-pop star’s post caption said: “Thanks for having my outfit in #BarbieTheMovie! You rocked it, Ken.”

The Ken of both worlds crossed paths in the most unlikely fashion. After the Oscars wrapped up on March 10, some BTS ARMYs suddenly recalled the old memory and correlated it with the cannon event of the present as Gosling led his Ken performance without his signature guitar.

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An ARMY wrote on X: “The way ryan gosling couldn’t use his guitar for his oscar performance bc he gave it to jimin.” The chain reaction instantly kicked in as the fandom’s recollection of the “best crossover” took charge. Another fan commented in the same thread: “Ryan and Jimin should just sing ‘I’m just Ken’ together wearing the same outfit.” And now, that’s a new dream that fans hope to manifest.

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