Sister Wives: Gabriel Sent to Get Kody After Garrison’s Death – Returns Alone


Sister Wives star Kody Brown was expected at Garrison Brown‘s home by police, as reports say Gabriel Brown left to pick him up after discovering his brother’s body. This father of 18, who became well-known for his TLC series, did not return with his son. The latest reports indicate this was part of the police documentation on Garrison’s death.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Did Not Return with Gabriel Brown?

Kody Brown also lost a son this week, along with Janelle Brown. Garrison Brown had two parents, but as hearts go out to Janelle Brown, Kody seems to get a different response from some fans. Now new information surfaced regarding the movements of some of the Sister Wives family members after Gabriel discovered Garrison deceased.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Gabriel Brown - Garrison Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

The latest information describes what police documented in their report. This includes, “After speaking with Janelle, Gabriel left the scene to pick up his father and return with him to the apartment.”

Then the report indicates that someone from the Sister Wives family went with Gabriel to Kody’s house. It says,  “However, another family member went to assist, and Gabe returned a while later on his own.”

Kody & Garrison Brown Estrangement Noted

The Sister Wives family is not unlike other families with problems. But they are unique because they allowed their problems to play out on national television. Then the show expanded to other countries, like the UK. So, now fans worldwide react to what they have witnessed while watching the series.

Kody Brown’s estrangement with some of his adult children is common knowledge among the Sister Wives viewers. Two adult children, who were on the outs with their father on the show, were Gabriel Brown and Garrison Brown.

Garrison Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Plus, it was noted in earlier reports that Garrison’s estrangement with his father was mentioned to the police. That said, you can only imagine that a time like this overrides past animosities for family members. But some fans jumped to conclusions on why Kody didn’t return with Gabriel to Garrison’s home.

Kody Brown could have been too distraught over the news of his son’s death to come to Garrison’s house. They are also a famous family within the realm of reality shows. If Kody Brown makes a trip to the mall and is seen by a fan, it’s usually followed by photos popping up online. So, maybe Kody didn’t want to gather public attention by showing up at the scene.

Sister Wives: Gabe Brown Had Family Assistance

Not enough is known about why Gabriel Brown and an unnamed family member went to Kody’s home that day. But for fans, the last thing they witnessed onscreen was the estrangement between Kody and his sons, Gabriel Brown, and Garrison Brown.

Kody follows old-school rules, which he followed as a kid. He once said that in his family, once a boy turned the legal age of 18, they were on their own. So, he planned on running things that way.

Janelle Brown was all for giving the kids a leg up in today’s world. So, she opted to let Garrison and his brothers live with her as they saved money for future endeavors. Here you have two parents with opposite ideas on navigating life with their adult kids. This is a topic many households struggle with, so it’s not at all unique.

Again, it’s just that millions of people got to watch the Sister Wives family struggle with this. But, Kody was a great father as the kids grew up, which was stated by each of his wives, and his kids, through the years this show was on the air.

Kody Was His Dad

Kody lost a son, as well as Janelle Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives family. Just because they had some problems, doesn’t take away from the years of love he had for his son. So, Kody is without a doubt in pain over his loss today. That said, no matter what the viewers think of him, some fans suggest this isn’t a time to point fingers at the father of 18.

Police say Garrison Brown’s death is an apparent suicide, although the investigation is still ongoing. He died of a single gunshot wound on Tuesday, March 5. Janelle Brown became aware of a concerning text message he sent to people who work with the family. While they were not named, it’s assumed she meant the camera crew filming them for the new season.

Janelle texted Garrison, and they briefly messaged back and forth the night before his brother discovered his lifeless body. But then, she became concerned the next day when Garrison didn’t answer her text messages. She asked the adult kids, who were in Flagstaff, to check on their brother. And, Gabriel Brown volunteered.

He found his brother dead and called the police. According to reports, Garrison had three roommates. While they reported hearing something that night, they did not recognize it as a gunshot. So, none of them checked on Garrison. This is a tragedy for the entire family, known by many today via their Sister Wives series.

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