Sister Wives: Gabriel’s Police Report on Garrison’s Death Has Fans Weeping


Sister Wives star Gabriel Brown found his brother Garrison Brown deceased after his mom asked the adult kids who lived in Flagstaff to check on their brother.

Janelle Brown became concerned after her son abruptly stopped their back-and-forth text messages. Gabe volunteered to do this. So, with new information from the police report available today, fans’ concerns turn to Gabe.

Sister Wives: Police Report Details Gabriel Brown’s Reaction

Gabriel Brown went through something horrific after finding Garrison Brown in the aftermath of his suicide. From the police report details you can see how this “distraught” young man’s world was instantly turned upside down.

While Sister Wives fans have strong opinions about Kody Brown, many realize this is not the time to voice them. But the one person they seem especially worried about today is Gabriel after this life-altering experience.

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From all accounts, these Sister Wives’ brothers were close. These two siblings are the sons of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown.

Gabriel, 22, looked up to his big brother Garrison Brown, 25. Gabriel reported to the police how he found his brother. But, when first entering his brother’s bedroom, he didn’t immediately realize his brother was dead. Instead, he thought he was sleeping.

Garrison Brown’s Door Unlocked

Sister Wives fans likely remember what a proud mom Janelle was when Garrison purchased his home. The unit that Garrison owned has four bedrooms.

One of them he occupied, with his roommates occupying the other three. So, Gabriel told police that when he got to his brother’s house, he went upstairs to his bedroom.

He got no answer when knocking on his door. But because Garrison always locked his door, Gabriel went to a closet to get the key, where his brother kept it.

But when he went to open the door, he discovered it was unlocked, and Gabe told police that he thought that was strange. This appears in the police report. He saw Garrison sitting on the edge of the bed but slumped over as if he had fallen asleep that way.

So, for the first few seconds, Gabe thought Garrison had fallen asleep in that position. The police report indicates Gabe playfully slapped his brother in the stomach to wake him up. Then he realized that his brother wasn’t asleep. He saw his head wound, and he spotted the gun.

Sister Wives: Garrison’s Roommate Hears Gabriel

The police talked with Garrison Brown’s roommates as well, both in person and on the phone. One of the roommates was in his bedroom when Gabriel arrived.

He said he came out into the hallway because he heard Gabe crying. Many Sister Wives fans said this information made them well up in tears.

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Then, the police report indicates that Gabriel Brown left with an unnamed family member to pick up his father and bring him back to Garrison’s house. But the officer writes that Gabe returned a while later without his father.

It’s unknown why the Sister Wives’ father, Kody Brown, didn’t come to the scene. However, at one point in the police report, one of the officers wrote that they needed to assist with security. So, it is possible onlookers started to show up and this was something Kody may have wanted to avoid.

But the police report says Janelle Brown arrived and joined her son Gabriel. So, Sister Wives fans were thankful that Gabriel Brown had his mom with him.

Gabe Volunteered…

Janelle Brown, the much-loved mom from the TLC reality series had concerns about Garrison after a text message he sent. Janelle said he sent it to the people they work with. So, most fans assume this means the TLC camera crew.

Janelle messaged back and forth with Garrison Brown that night for about five minutes. But then her texts to her son suddenly went unanswered.

So, that is what prompted her to ask for a volunteer among her adult kids to check on him. And Gabriel Brown stepped up to help, by going over to his brother’s house the next morning.

So, the Sister Wives family must find a way to navigate their new world, now that this wonderful young man, Garrison Brown, is no longer in it. He’ll always be a part of the family, but all they have are the memories today.

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