Sister Wives: Garrison Died as Season 19 Filmed – See VIDEO Of Happier Times?


Sister Wives star, Robert Garrison Brown, 25, was discovered dead in his Flagstaff home on Tuesday after his mom sent his brother over to his house to check on him. His death occurred while the TLC cameras were filming various scenes elsewhere for the new season, Season 19.

Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown Text Messages Worried Janelle Brown

Garrison Brown’s passing happened as a new season filmed for the Sister Wives series. So, reports today indicate fans of the show will see the family navigating in the aftermath of this horrific tragedy.

Janelle Brown spoke with police after they arrived at her son’s home. The police report indicated that she filled them in on what she knew about Garrison behavior in the hours leading up to his death.

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The report said she told law enforcement that she became aware of a strange text Garrison had sent to people who work with the family. It sounds like she referred to the TLC crew, who follows the family around.

They document the daily living of all the family members who opted to appear on camera for this new season of Sister Wives. So, it sounds like they were filming somewhere with family members at the time.

Janelle Messaged Her Son

Garrison’s text message to the people who work with the family said,  “I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can’t. I miss these days.” Then, Janelle messaged her son, and he messaged back. But when he wouldn’t answer her text the next day, Janelle reached out to the Sister Wives adult kids in Flagstaff.

She wanted someone to go to Garrison’s house and check on him. Gabriel Brown volunteered. That is when he found his brother dead and called the Flagstaff police.

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The police report indicated Garrison died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Garrison Brown had three roommates. The police report states they thought they heard something, but they said it didn’t sound like a gunshot. So, none of the roommates checked on him after hearing a noise.

The roommates also told police that Garrison struggled with alcohol. But his brother Gabriel Brown said he was doing fine lately. He recently started a new job in the medical field. Garrison was seen on the Sister Wives show as much as the other kids throughout the years. The video below speaks volumes about how his family adored him.

Sister Wives: Investigation Still Ongoing

Police report the death of Garrison Brown appears to be a suicide. While only 25, this young man was very accomplished. He owned his own home after working hard and saving up to purchase it. He was also a veteran of the National Guard.

Below is a Sister Wives video of Garrison’s homecoming from the National Guard. After listening to what Janelle Brown had to say back then, you can only imagine how she’s feeling today. Her kids are everything to her.

But one thing you take away from this video is how much Garrison Brown was loved, and how much he loved his family. He was close to his mom, siblings, and Christine Brown, who was like a second mother to him on and off the TLC series.

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