Sister Wives: Janelle Reports Details of Garrison’s Last Day to Police


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown reportedly told Flagstaff Police that Garrison Brown, 25, stopped texting with her the day he died. The report indicates that she texted him after the people who work with the family received puzzling messages from him that day.

Fans say it sounds as if she referred to the people who filmed the family for the TLC series, Sister Wives. So, she texted her son, but then he didn’t answer Janelle, so she became worried. This prompted her to ask Gabriel Brown,22, also in Flagstaff, to check on his big brother.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Reports Tragic Details Surrounding Garrison Brown’s Death

Garrison Brown’s text message to the people they work with, reportedly said “I want to hate you for sharing the good times. But I can’t. I miss these days.”

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According to Janelle, Garrison did not include his mother in the group text. But, she found out about it and contacted him. The report indicates he and his mom messaged back and forth. But then she couldn’t get a hold of him.

The report also says that Janelle contacted the Sister Wives adult kids in Flagstaff to check on Garrison, and Gabriel Brown volunteered. Then police met Gabriel at Garrison’s home, where he found his brother dead on Tuesday. He appeared to die from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. But Police indicate they are still investigating his death, but do not suspect foul play.

Robert Garrison Brown, Not Home Alone

The police report indicated Garrison Brown shared the home with three roommates. The night before Gabe found his brother, the roommates thought they heard a noise, but did not think it was a gunshot. So, none of them went to check on Garrison.

It wasn’t until the next day, Tuesday, when Gabriel Brown arrived, that Garrison Brown’s body was discovered. The Sister Wives family revealed their loss to the world not long after that.

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Reports also say that the roommates told police that Garrison struggled with alcohol in the past. But Gabriel reports his brother was fine lately, and he had just landed a new job in the medical field.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Family Ask for Privacy

One of his last social media posts has Garrison showing off his new cat. He rescued the feline from “on the line for euthanasia,” Garrison wrote. This son of Kody Brown and Janelle Brown looked happy introducing his new pet to the world.

This tragic event has the Sister Wives family asking that people respect their privacy during their grieving for the loss of a much-loved son.

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Garrison was one of 18 children fathered by Kody Brown with his four wives. Janelle Brown is his biological mother. He was also very close with Christine Brown, who played a big part in this childcare as a kid.

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