Teen Mom: Janelle Evans’ Fans Spot Something Awful (VIDEO)


Teen Mom icon Janelle Evans took to her backyard this weekend to show off what it’s like to be free of her husband, David Eason. With some breakup music in the background, Janelle kicked her way through a song with awkward-looking cheerleader moves. But a few astute fans noticed something in her video that set them on fire. What was Janelle thinking?

Teen Mom: Janelle Evans Now Free & Easy?

After six years of a rocky marriage, Janelle Evans announced last week that she filed for a legal separation from David Eason. It’s been years since MTV’s 16 and Pregnant series, turned Janelle into a star as a teenager about to have a baby. Then she moved on to Teen Mom.

She started on her first MTV series as a senior in high school. Janelle Evans had her first baby with her high school sweetheart.

But she moved on and now has three children with three different men. David Eason is the father of her youngest child, her daughter, Ensley, 7. She also has two sons Jace, 14, and Kaiser, 9 from previous relationships.

'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Slammed For Parenting Skills
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The Teen Mom franchise followed the ups and downs of her daily living once becoming a mom. But today, with a few relationships and three kids under her belt, Janelle Evan’s still highly sought after on social media.

Janelle Dances After Dumping David

It looks like Janelle Evans feels a bit lighter today without David Eason. But it’s fair to say she hasn’t forgotten him already. No, it looks as if the veteran Teen Mom star even taunts him a bit.

After posting a few videos this weekend, fans suggest she’s throwing a little salt in the wound for David. With what fans call breakup music playing in the background, Janelle lip-syncs and dances with the camera rolling in a few videos.

Teen Mom fans applauded the mom of three for her decision to split with David. The fans also commented on how happy she looked, but then the comments changed.

Teen Mom Kicks a Puppy…

In one of those videos, embedded below, Janelle Evans starts her dance. In this video, she’s swarmed by adorable puppies. Everyone loves puppies, so it seemed to add a nice touch to whatever she was trying to do.

But, it seems like one of those adorable little puppies got in the way of the Teen Mom veteran’s footwork in another breakup dance. So, without missing a beat or taking her eyes off the camera, Janelle gave that puppy a little kick to get it out of the way of her fancy steps.

This fleeting moment turns her dance video into a war zone in the comment section. Watch closely in the bottom right corner as the video starts.

One fan suggested that she is so into herself that it didn’t faze her as she kicked the puppy aside.


Dance with meeee! 💃🏻✨

♬ Back It up and Dump It (Dump Truck) – GC Eternal & Kinfolk Thugs & TYME BOMB

Fans were furious that Janelle Evans couldn’t stop that “lame” dance for a minute and gently remove the puppy. Instead, she kicked it out of her way and attempted to incorporate that kick into her dance moves.

Some fans reminded this Teen Mom star that she’s not a teenager anymore, she’s in her thirties, 32 to be exact. So maybe dancing in her backyard isn’t the best way to demonstrate her happiness, especially if it involves kicking a puppy out of her way.

If you blink, you miss it in the video above. But a few fans caught this awful move and pointed it out to the other fans. Several Teen Mom fans suggested that she was so into taunting her ex, that nothing could stop her, not even an adorable puppy.

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