Teo Yoo makes statement at 2024 Oscars with meaningful turtle brooch; pays tribute to late pet turtle Momo


Teo Yoo, star of the Best Picture-nominated film ‘Past Lives’, made waves at the 2024 Oscars with his elegant presence and a subtle yet significant accessory adorning his attire. Clad in a sophisticated blue-black formal suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a bow tie, all eyes were drawn to the intricate turtle brooch delicately perched on his collar.

When queried about the peculiar choice of accessory, Yoo shared a touching reason that revealed the sentimental significance behind the turtle. “My petturtle has passed away last year, and I had him for ten years”, he disclosed to Variety, his voice tinged with both nostalgia and humor. “It’s called Momo after the book by Michael Ende. And also, my fan club in Korea is called Momo after my turtle”, he added with a chuckle.
When asked if he had acquired a new turtle, Yoo responded with, “No, I don’t”. Despite the reporter’s curiosity about the possibility of getting a new pet, Yoo expressed, “No, I’m gonna grieve for a while”.

Reflecting on the emotional impact of saying goodbye to Momo, he confessed, “I was in tears for about three days”, punctuating the admission with a lighthearted laugh. Reflecting on the intensity of his emotions, he remarked, “I was so dramatic”, before acknowledging, “You know, it’s like the moment that you have with your pet where you’re like, ‘Oh my god, life’s over’. Then you remove yourself at the same time as an actor and you look at the situation and you think, ‘Oh my god, it’s so dramatic and comical'”.

As comments flooded the post showcasing Yoo’s heartfelt tribute to his late pet turtle, sentiments ranging from admiration for his style to appreciation for his endearing personality filled the comment section. One user exclaimed, “Greenest of green flags right there”, while another expressed, “I liked him before but really like him now.” Others couldn’t help but swoon over Yoo’s unique charm, with comments like, “I love his English with German accent”, and “I’m crushing so hard. He’s so handsome”.

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