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Anti-Israel protesters have been running wild on college campuses and in American cities for months but this weekend, they picked a rather sensitive and symbolic location, swarming the World Trade Center in New York City.

The mob carried Palestinian flags and chanted loudly. Arrests were made as the NYPD tried to contain the insanity.

Cities have to realize this crowd is potentially dangerous and should be taken seriously.

The Daily Mail reported:

Pro-Palestine demonstrators flood NYC on International Women’s Day, storming the Oculus as troubling video shows protestor surrounded by police knocked unconscious in the street

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters have flooded the streets of New York as part of a rowdy demonstration on International Women’s Day which saw them storm the Oculus near the World Trade Center.

Footage shows the demonstrators clutching Palestinian flags shouting and cheering after they successfully squeeze into the shopping center on Friday.

Once inside they formed a drumming circle and waved banners which read: ’30, 878 dead and Joe is eating ice cream’ in reference to the president nonchalantly slurping on an ice cream cone while being grilled about the situation between Israel and Gaza recently.

Other disturbing footage shows one protester knocked out cold in the streets. The activist is seen lying face down on the ground while surrounded by cops. It is unclear how he got knocked out.

In the background a woman is heard screaming, ‘get him an ambulance, f*** the cops, he’s passed out’ as police attempt to coax a response from his limp body…

The ‘Global Strike for Gaza’ began at Union Square before surging downtown, with later video showing protesters storming the Oculus shopping mall.

See the video below:

How much longer is this behavior going to be tolerated? It’s quickly becoming normalized and allowing that to happen is a huge mistake.

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