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If radical climate activists know how to do anything, it’s disrupting unrelated events and being extremely annoying.

Luckily for this Polish orchestra, their conductor was smart enough not to allow their on-stage antics.

A beautiful concert was taking place at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, Poland when two climate extremists rushed onto the stage to disrupt the performance.

The pair of lunatics began irrationally screaming that the “world is burning” and demanded “radical investment in public transport” according to Polish Opera Now.

The two also held a sign on stage that read “Last Generation,” but they didn’t get to display it for long.

The conductor of the orchestra turned around as the pair began to rant, and ripped the sign away from them while the music continued.

They both attempted to hold onto the sign the best they could, but apparently the two young people were no match for an angry elderly gentleman.

This action seemed to take all the wind from the activists’ sails as the audience applauded the conductor for stripping the climate alarmists of their banner.

Both activists were escorted out by security shortly after.

A post was made on the group’s Instagram account where it applauded the ridiculous actions of the two protesters, posting the message of one who screamed at the event.


It also stated that “Both people were identified by the police. They’re prepared for the possible consequences.”

Moments like these continue to prove that these extremist activists have little rapport with the public, only being applauded within their echo chambers.

Perhaps if they were instead focusing on protesting against the government, which has the power to effect change, people would be more sympathetic to their causes.

But alas, if your movement relies on disrupting cultural events and people trying to go about their lives, it’s unlikely the majority of people will give any concern to the cause.

Instead, acts like what occurred at the concert only work to damage the reputation and cause of these individuals. Now, their beliefs are negatively associated with disruption and anger rather than meaningful change.

Of course, their movements have never relied on logic or reason, so it makes sense these groups would engage in acts such as these.

On the positive side, at least there are people like the conductor who aren’t afraid to stand up to these demonstrators who are happy to inconvenience others.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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