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Stephen Colbert is going to host a fundraiser for Biden that will feature Joe, Bill Clinton and Obama. Is it time to reclassify the Late Show as a Democrat super PAC?

Naturally, the event is going to be an elite, high-dollar affair with special perks for people who make six-figure donations.

They’re looking to raise upwards of $10 million.

FOX News reports:

Biden, Clinton, Obama to appear at lavish fundraiser with Stephen Colbert

President Biden and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are set to appear with liberal late-night host Stephen Colbert for a fundraiser that could bring in over $10 million.

The fundraiser is scheduled for March 28 in New York City and the cheapest tickets cost around $250, according to NBC News. Photos with all three presidents will cost $100,000 and those in attendance who donate $250,000 or $500,000 will be allowed to attend separate functions with the Democratic trio.

Colbert, a staunch Democratic Party supporter who’s anchored “The Late Show” since 2015, is expected to host a conversation with all three presidents as over 3,000 people are set to attend.

“This is going to be the biggest fundraising event that Joe Biden has done in his political career. I believe it’s the largest fundraising event in Democratic Party history. It’s also the only time that three [Democratic] presidents have done a [campaign] fundraiser together,” Biden Victory Fund national finance chair Chris Korge told NBC News.

People on Twitter don’t seem overly impressed.

Colbert is such a partisan hack. This event will probably be the highlight of his life.

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