Disaster For Trump As Employee Is Talking About Classified Document Theft


Trump employee talks about theft of classified docs.

Twenty-year Trump employee Brian Butler is talking publicly about how he was asked to help move boxes of classified information that Trump had stolen and was hiding.

Butler told CNN:

And then what happened is Walt left before me and he never goes directly to the plane. He’s either in the motorcade when he goes there with the boss, which the former president. And I remember telling him he left the club with, I, I didn’t know what he had in his vehicle, but he waited for me at a nearby business and I told him I would tell him when I was leaving Mar-a-Lago. So I left Mar-a-Lago. I texted him, hey, I’m on my way. He followed me. He pulled out and got behind me. We got to the airport. I ended up loading all the luggage I had and he had a bunch of boxes. You noticed that he had, they were the boxes that were in the indictment, the white banker’s boxes. That’s what I remember loading.


I had no clue. I mean, we were just taking them out of the Escalade, piling them up. I remember they were all stacked on top of each other and then we’re lifting them up to the pilot.


This is terrible for Trump. It is one thing for the former president to be criminally charged, but now there are witnesses talking on national television about how Trump tried to hide classified documents from the federal government.

Trump wants to pretend like he is a normal candidate. Many in the media want to pretend like he is a normal candidate, but Donald Trump is a ticking time bomb, and it is only a matter of time until he goes off and destroys everyone and everything around him.

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