Donald Trump Secures Victory in Mississippi GOP Primary | The Gateway Pundit

President Donald Trump clinches the Republican presidential primary in Mississippi, edging closer to the party’s nomination, according to Decision Desk.

As of 9:25 p.m. ET, Trump has 1,181 delegates out of 1,215 needed to secure the nomination.

Trump’s victory in Mississippi is a significant step toward securing the party’s nomination for the upcoming presidential election. He has already accumulated over 1,000 delegates, demonstrating his ongoing influence within the Republican Party.

The former president’s win was not unexpected, given his popularity among Mississippi’s Republican voters.

According to CNY Homepage, Mississippi awards a total of 40 delegates, the distribution of which is decided partly by the statewide result and partly by the results within its various congressional districts.

The state allocates 28 delegates based on the overall state results, while the remaining 12 are distributed according to results from the four individual congressional districts.

In the event that a candidate garners more than 50 percent of the vote within the state or in a specific district, they are awarded all the available delegates for that area.

Credit: The Hill

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