E. Jean Carroll Accepts Trump’s Bond Proposal With Key Modification


E Jean Carroll rape trial verdict.

E. Jean Carroll and her lawyers have agreed to Trump’s bond proposal but got the removal of a clause that would have delayed payment.

Lisa Rubin of NBC News posted:

Trump tried to write into a bond proposal a delay in payment to Carroll if he loses on appeal. All of this suggests that Donald Trump doesn’t have the money to pay Carroll her $91 million. Nothing is standing in the way of Judge Kaplan approving Trump’s bond, and then the judgment can go to appeal.

Getting to the appeals process is a victory for E. Jean Carroll. Trump is highly unlikely to win on appeal. Given his constant and continuing defamation of Carroll, it is doubtful he will have the judgment reduced.

Sooner rather than later, Donald Trump will have to come up with $91 million to pay E. Jean Carroll. The bigger problem for Trump is that he has still not secured the bond to appeal the $454 million fraud judgment against him in the New York case.

Currently, Trump is trying to appeal the bond itself, but the interest is growing by the day, and the former president has few options to come up with $454 million.

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