Hakeem Jeffries Hints That Democrats Might Save Mike Johnson If He Stand Up To Putin GOP


Hakeem Jeffries talks Mike Johnson and Ukraine aid on Face The Nation.

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) suggested that Democrats might help Speaker Johnson save his job if he stands up to pro-Putin Republicans.

Transcript of Leader Jeffries on CBS’s Face The Nation:

REP. JEFFRIES: –we can support our democratic allies in Ukraine and Israel, humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians who are in harm’s way, support our allies in the Indo-Pacific. That’s a question for Mike Johnson, when he knows that the House has the votes to act on America’s national security interests. The reason why it’s not happening is because there’s a pro-Putin faction in the Republican Party, led by Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, who are blocking this legislation. And that’s shameful.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Will you protect Speaker Johnson from a motion to vacate if he takes that vote? Will you prevent him from being ousted?

REP. JEFFRIES: We haven’t had that conversation as a caucus. But I have made the observation that I believe there are a reasonable number of members, if the Speaker were to do the right thing, that don’t believe that he should fall as a result of it.


Leader Jeffries wouldn’t endorse keeping Johnson in the job or tell Democrats to vote for Johnson. He would release the Democratic caucus to vote their conscience. It is a certainty that there are a few moderate Democrats in Republican-leaning districts who would vote to keep Johnson as Speaker.

With Democrats likely to win the House in November, keeping Johnson around for a few extra months doesn’t matter.

It would only maybe three of four Democratic votes for Johnson to defeat the motion to vacate, which Marjorie Taylor Greene vowed to bring to the floor if Ukraine aid is passed in any form.

So far, Speaker Johnson has shown no spine or backbone when it comes to standing up to the Putin caucus in the House Republican conference, but if by some miracle he did, Leader Jeffries is making it known that if the Speaker does the right thing, Democrats may not let Greene have her way.

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