Joe Rogan and Chris Rufo Slam ‘Diversity Hire’ Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Has There Ever Been a Worse White House Press Secretary?’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast, Joe and his guest, conservative education activist Chris Rufo, slammed Karine Jean-Pierre as a diversity hire and wondered if there has ever been a worse White House press secretary.

They make some very valid points.

Under Trump, every White House press secretary was routinely mocked by Saturday Night Live and the media, but KJP constantly gets a pass despite being completely inept.

Transcript via Mediaite:

ROGAN: It is interesting that he’s so frail that he’s transparent, right? And it’s so transparent to the point where the white House press secretary accidentally tweeted as him from her account. You saw that?

RUFO: Yeah.

ROGAN: Right? Which is wonderful. I love when that happens because it’s like, thank you. I was wondering and now I know, you know. I was really confused. I kind of had a feeling it was you. Yeah.

You know, and is, is there ever been a worse White House press secretary? She’s, it’s — How, how did she get that job? She’s so bad at convincing people. There’s there’s a bunch of, like, hard-core, ideologically-driven left wing pundits that are on YouTube that could do a way better job. And they would be fucking psycho about it. Like they would be psycho about it and the left would be like, yahhh! Like, she’s not the one. Like she’s fucking terrible at it.

She gets called out for stuff all the time. She gets set up for stuff all the time. Like Peter Doocy’s always setting her up. He talks to her, but…

RUFO: Doocy’s amazing.

ROGAN: He’s, he’s so good. He’ll provide a little bit of this. But then what about that? And, you know, she’s just awful at it.

RUFO: And she’s only really challenged by one person right in the briefing room and still manages to bungle it on the daily.

ROGAN: Well, it’s just there’s so much madness that she has to, like, cover up.

This video is cued to start at the 34:14 mark. Just press play:

Of course, KJP will be just fine. When she leaves the White House, she’ll be instantly hired by CNN or MSNBC, just like Jen Psaki.

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