Jon Stewart Eats Some Crow After Suggesting Biden Is Too Old To Be President


Jon Stewart on the State Of The Union.

Jon Stewart held himself accountable for claiming that Biden was too old and too weak to be president on The Daily Show.

Stewart said, “Which one of you pricks wants to fight? Put up your dukes! Biden is back, baby! I know all that all the haters have been out there, talking they are shit — he is too old, he is too weak, he won’t be able to make it, he is — I see you haters. I know who you are! (Stewart pulls out a mirror and blows himself a kiss). Really. You know, we said in rehearsal, can you get me a prettier mirror? And boy, did they deliver. Of course, by the way, the State Of The Union was just the Democratic message. But does that message survive a concise and intelligent rebuttal? It happened on Thursday. I should read the whole thing, though I should. Would it survive a concise and intelligent rebuttal from the G.O.P.? Or whatever it was that Alabama senator Katie Britt..”


It was nice to see Jon Stewart walk back his tired and corporate media-infused take that Trump and Biden were two equally old guys who are the same, and the country is screwed in this election. Stewart did a nice bookend to his comments about the SOTU by talking about how Trump is the opposite of the G.O.P.’s performative patriotism and more like a wanna-be monarch who opposes freedom and democracy.

The first few shows were a little bumpy, but Jon Stewart might be getting his sea legs back in the fake anchor chair of The Daily Show.

This week’s episode was very good and the most narratively solid yet.

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