Judge Allows E. Jean Carroll To Object To Trump’s $91 Million Bond


E Jean Carroll rape trial verdict.

Trump found a supporter who was willing to guarantee his $91 million bond, but Judge Kaplan allowed E, Jean Carrol, to object to the bond before he decided on approval.

MSNBC’s Katie Phang posted:

Andrew Weissmann posted that Trump’s arrangement to get the bond could raise comparisons to when Paul Manafort used promises of positions in the Trump administration to get bank loans:

As with seemingly everything involving Trump, it is unknown what sort of promises he may have made to secure the bond. Trump is already charged with 91 felony counts, so it would not be a surprise if he committed a few more crimes to try to avoid paying E. Jean Carroll.

Judge Kaplan must approve the bond, and there is no certainty that he will.

Trump may have scraped together the bond to appeal the E. Jean Carroll judgment, but he still needs to raise $454 million for the state of New York.

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