Lindsey Graham Melts Down While Trying To Defend Trump And Orban


Lindsey Graham talks about Trump and Orban on Meet The Press.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) raised his voice and started yelling about Biden when asked about Trump hanging out with Viktor Orban.

Sen. Graham was asked if Trump controls the Senate, and he accidentally answered, “I vote against lots of things that he doesn’t like.


Voting against things that Trump doesn’t like would be doing exactly what Donald Trump wants, so Graham was admitting that Trump does run the Senate Republicans.

How Did Lindsey Graham Respond When Asked About Trump And Viktor Orban?

Graham was asked about Trump and Orban, and he said, “I think the best way to judge President Trump’s second term is by what he did in his first term. You know, Russia didn’t invade on President Trump’s watch.  Hamas didn’t try to destroy Israel on his watch.  The Afghanistan, they, the Taliban weren’t in charge on his watch. So here’s what I would say if you were about the world being on fire. You’re right. If you think Joe Biden’s policies are a lack of deterrence and he’s weak in the eyes of our enemies. You’re right. So if you want to get the world back in order, you better vote for Trump.”

Kristen Welker followed up, “But you know that former President Trump has talked about being a dictator on day one. He said it’s nice to have a strong man running our country. He’s talked about retribution in a second term, Senator.”

Graham said, “You know what? He said, retribution would be success. Do you know who knocked Trump off the ballot in Colorado, who knocked Trump off the ballot in Maine? There’s a liberal jihad against everything Trump. I’m not worried about Trump destroying democracy. I’m worried about Joe Biden destroying the world.

Welker tried again, “Senator just be very clear though. He is aligning himself with Viktor Orban.”

Graham finally said, “Orban is not on the ballot. You got to vote between Trump and Biden.”


That didn’t go well.

The point is that Republicans like Lindsey Graham can’t defend Trump’s love for dictators, so they have to start yelling irrational things about President Joe Biden. Democracy is a losing issue for Republicans as long as they are being led by Donald Trump.

Sen. Graham didn’t have an answer to Welker’s questions about Trump and Orban, so he went into liberal jihad conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump is a threat to democracy in the United States, and no amount a Lindsey Graham manufactured hysterics about President Biden can hide this fact.

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