No Labels Is Looking Like An Imploding Grift Going Nowhere


No Labels still can't find a candidate.

Leaked audio from the No Labels delegate meeting shows a group of people who cannot find a nominee and may never find one.


Greg Sargent wrote about the leaked call in The New Republic:

At the end of the call, No Labels national convention chair Mike Rawlings said it’s essential for the group to “see a pathway to the White House.” He acknowledged: “We don’t have a candidate. And it’s possible in the end we won’t find a suitable candidate.”

“All of the prominent candidates approached by No Labels have refused,” Bennett of Third Way told me. “That’s because it’s clear that their ticket is a road to nowhere. No serious person wants to end up in the single digits nationally while helping Trump win.

Joe Manchin, Nikki Haley, Larry Hogan, and Kyrsten Sinema have turned down No Labels. No one with a national name wants to run on this ticket when it is clear that the only thing they would accomplish is getting Trump back in the White House.

No potential candidate wants to go down in history as the person who led to the end of American democracy.

No Labels has not been transparent with its process. It had to be leaked because the organization will not allow the media to observe its decision-making, which is another way of shielding them from public accountability and the Democratic process.

The third-party run may never happen. It is already March, and No Labels can’t find any credible national figure willing to run for president on its ticket.

The media is hyping No Labels because they are only concerned with drama and a horserace, but the rest of the country should be very concerned and be sure not to fall for something that increasingly resembles a gift that may be falling apart.

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