Republicans Teeter Closer To Losing Their Majority As Ken Buck Resigns


Ken Buck talks to CNN about why he is leaving the House early.

House Republicans were hit with another blow when Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) announced that he would resign next Friday, further reducing their slim House majority.

Buck told CNN why he is bailing early and not finishing his term:

I think this place is dysfunctional. For example, I am the number third-ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. I haven’t even asked my questions yet. 40-50 people have gone before me.

A lot of this is personal and that’s the problem. Instead of having to quorum instead of operating in a professional manner. This place has just evolved into this bickering and and nonsense and not not really doing the job for the American people.


The real world implication of Buck leaving early is that a Republican majority that can’t govern is right on the edge of losing their majority. House Republicans already can’t govern, but now they are going to need Democrats to help them do everything.

Republicans are right on the edge of not having enough votes to keep their majority. If a Republican gets sick or also resigns early, the GOP might not have a majority of votes in the House. If Speaker Johnson was smart, he would put the Ukraine aid bill on the floor, and take the deal that Hakeem Jeffries suggested that if Johnson lets Ukraine aid pass, Democrats will help him keep his job.

The Republican House majority is evaporating right in front of our eyes.

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