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The Houston Texans are set to unveil new uniforms next month, and we recently held a contest asking our readers to redesign their look

With that, we’re excited to announce that SportsLogos.net received more than 50 submissions for the contest on social media and through email. 

While our previous contests included categories such as best new logo, introduction of a new color, throwback design, etc., this was a bit different.

The Texans are reportedly maintaining their current logo and color scheme, although they’re also adding H-Town Blue, which led many of our readers to submit similar designs. 

Still, we’ve done our best to choose those that stood out for their unique fonts and color distribution or if they felt classic enough to last for 20-plus years like the Texans’ current set.

If you were among those who submitted a design but do not see it featured below, don’t worry. We’re already planning another redesign contest, which we’ll announce soon.

Now, without further ado, below are the results of our Houston Texans uniform redesign contest, as well as a design of our own for your consideration. 

Isaac Pérez – @perezdesign_

Ben Matukewicz – @Big_Ben_M9

Tim Contic – @TimContic

Landon Watnick – @LandonWatnick

Jared Grubbs – @JaredGrubbs

Our Submission – @AndrewMLind

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