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The NCAA Football Rules Committee met in Indianapolis on Friday and proposed several rule changes for the upcoming season, two of which are related to uniforms.

The first is part of a proposed rule change regarding wireless communication between a coach and one player on the field, who would be identified by a green dot on the back of their helmet, just like the NFL.

The other is the result of concerns expressed by the committee regarding the look of players’ uniforms, specifically the length of their pants, and would see strict enforcement for any violations of the rule.

A flag would be thrown and a warning given for the first violation of illegal equipment, with the player being sent off the field for at least one play in order to correct the issue.

Any subsequent violation will result in a timeout being charged to their team, unless they’re out of timeouts, at which time a five-yard delay of game penalty would be assessed.

The proposed rules – which also include the addition of a two-minute warning – will be reviewed and potentially approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel during their next meeting on April 18.

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