New Titans Head Coach Brian Callahan’s Son Looks Just Like Fuller from ‘Home Alone’


Fuller! Easy on the Pepsi!

Look, there was a lot of good to take away from Brian Callahan’s introductory press conference today with the Tennessee Titans. He had good answers for every question, he referenced analytics, getting ideas from players, the importance of having home field advantage, everything. But it was all a moot point for me because I couldn’t stop focusing on the fact that his son is Kieren Culkin from 30 years ago. It’s not even up for debate. Brian Callahan’s son sleeps in the attic and wets the bed. He is Fuller from Home Alone. I don’t know how or if this will help Brian Callahan in his ability to coach, but it must be pointed out. I’m sorry for not providing more analysis on the hire itself, like how impressed I am with a guy who knows how to handle extensive losing (unlike the last guy).

Instead I’m just focused on how it looks like his kid stepped fresh off the set of a Chris Columbus film form 30+ years ago.

This isn’t a knock on his son either. If anything, it only goes to show he’s eventually going to go on to win a Golden Globe for his performance in the Succession reboot in 30+ years. There are worse people for Brian Callahan’s son to look like.

Like modern day Macaulay Culkin.

Or I guess modern day Joe Burrow.

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