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To celebrate their World Series championship last year, the Texas Rangers are adding a touch of gold to their uniforms for Opening Day.

Following in the footsteps of other recent World Series champions, the Rangers are adding gold accents to the jerseys and hats they’ll wear for their home opener against the Chicago Cubs on March 28. The team unveiled the new look on their social media channels on Thursday, March 7.

On the hats, the Rangers’ usual white T logo with a red drop shadow has been redone in all gold. The royal blue base remains the same. A World Series Champions logo has been added to the right side of the hat. The New Era logo on the right side and part of the sweat band inside the hat are also gold.

On the jerseys, gold replaces white in one of the outlines of the “Rangers” script across the chest. Another World Series Champions logo appears on the left sleeve.

On the back of the jersey, royal blue names and numbers are outlined in gold and have a red drop shadow. Gold also replaces white in the Major League Baseball logo on the back collar.

Based on the photos the Rangers posted to social media, it appears there are no gold details added to the pants.

The “Gold Collection,” as the team is calling it, will be available for purchase in the Rangers’ Grand Slam Team Store starting on Thursday, March 21.

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