Donald Trump set for rematch of 2020 election as Biden clinches Democratic nomination after Georgia win | World


Former president US Donald Trump (left) and US President Joe Biden. — AFP/File
Former president US Donald Trump (left) and US President Joe Biden. — AFP/File

President Joe Biden has secured the nomination for the upcoming presidential election from the Democratic Party. Biden is set for being his party’s candidate against the former president Donald Trump.

The race for presidency between Biden and Trump is shaping up to be a rematch of the 2020 election. The two candidates have set their eyes on the White House post 2024 election.

The reelection between Biden and Trump marks the first time since 1956 that such a matchup has occurred.

Both the candidates are criticising each other. “I assume he’s going to be the candidate. I’m his only opponent other than life, life itself,” Donald Trump took a jab at Biden’s age during an interview with CNBC.

Biden also labeled Donald Trump as a “serious threat to democracy” during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. The pre-election rhetoric between the two camps is expected to further intensify as the date of election draws nearer.

Though he faces certain challenges from within his own party, Biden’s path to the nomination was relatively smooth as he won key primaries and caucuses across the country. The local media is projecting him as the official Democratic candidate for 2024.

Meantime, Trump is also poised to secure the Republican nomination, with his victory in the upcoming primary in Georgia. 

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