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Former Boeing employee john Barnett. — Hindustan Times via @sentdefender
Former Boeing employee john Barnett. — Hindustan Times via @sentdefender 

Former Boeing employee, John Barnett, has been found dead on Monday after he exposed the aircraft giant’s production processes, Hindustan Times reported. 

Barnett reportedly died due to a self-inflicted gunshot and was found, sitting inside his truck in a parking lot in South Carolina.

According to the law suit filed by Barnett, Boeing employees were fitting low quality parts to Boeing 787’s.

He said: “Back in 2012, Boeing started removing inspection operations off their jobs.”

In 2017, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted a review, and confirmed, Barnett’s concerns as they found at least 53 parts in unknown positions.

In an interview to TMZ news channel, he claimed that 25% of emergency oxygen systems on the 787s were faulty, which means one in five oxygen masks would not work.

Boeing later admitted that some of the oxygen bottles that had been delivered “from the supplier have not performed the function properly.”

Regarding the door flying incident of a 737 Boeing aircraft, Barnett said, “This is not a 737 problem, this is a Boeing problem.”

Furthermore, Barnett had raised question regarding production process calling them “unsafe and hasty.”

He had also accused the aircraft manufacturer of jeopardising his career for bringing these facts to light.

At the time of his death, Barnett was amidst a legal battle with the company and was scheduled for questioning on Saturday. 

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