‘Hitler did some good things’: Ex-chief of star John Kelly exposes Donald Trump | World


Republican candidate Donald Trump (left) and ex-chief of staff John Kelly. — AFP/File
Republican candidate Donald Trump (left) and ex-chief of staff John Kelly. — AFP/File

Republican candidate Donald Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly in an interview to CNN‘s Jim Sciutto for his book has made shocking revelations about the former president’s likeness to Hitler, New York Post reported. 

He said, “Trump said, ‘Well, Hitler did some good things.’ and I said, ‘Well, what?’ And he said, ‘Well, Hitler rebuilt the economy.’ Shocked I said, but what did he do with that rebuilt economy? Hitler turned it against his own people and against the world.”

“I said, ‘Sir, you can never say anything good about the guy. Nothing,'”. In response Trump said according to Kelly, “‘I mean, Mussolini was a great guy in comparison.’”

Accusations about Trump praising Hitler first began in 2021 when a Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender’s wrote about it in his book Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost.

Furthermore, Kelly who served the White House from July 2017 to January 2019, shared that Trump did not even know that Hitler was not liked by his German generals, and several attempts had been made to assassinate him.

Upon questioning Kelly on what he thinks why the former president likes dictators so much he said, “why he likes the dictators so much is that’s who he is.”

Explaining he said, “Every incoming president is shocked that they actually have so little power without going to the Congress, which is a good thing,”

“But in his case, he was shocked that he didn’t have dictatorial-type powers to send US forces places or to move money around within the budget. And he looked at Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping and that nutcase in North Korea Kim Jong Un as people who were like him in terms of being a tough guy.”

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