Indonesia’s Batik Air pilots fell asleep during flight — this is what happened next


Pilot cabinet of an airplane. — Shutterstock/File
Pilot cabinet of an airplane. — Shutterstock/File

Indonesia has initiated an inquiry, into the airline Batik Air following the revelation that both pilots had fallen asleep for 28 minutes during the flight.

The two individuals, who are currently under suspension took off on a journey from Sulawesi, to Jakarta on January 25, according to BBC.

Reportedly one of them was exhausted from tending to his twins.

Despite going through an inconvenience, the Airbus A320 successfully landed without incident ensuring the safety of all 153 passengers and crew members.

About 30 minutes after takeoff, the 32-year-old pilot requested that his copilot take over the controls of the plane because he needed to rest. The co-pilot, who is 28 years old, concurred, the transport ministry reported.

However, the copilot unintentionally slept off as well. He had reportedly been assisting his wife in taking care of their twin infants, who were one month old.

Following their most recent message, Jakarta air traffic control attempted to get in touch with the Batik Air A320 cockpit but got no answer.

After a 28-minute radio silence, the lead pilot became aware that his co-pilot had also slept out. He discovered that the plane had momentarily deviated from its intended path.

After that, the pilots responded to calls from Jakarta and made a safe landing.

The males passed pre-flight medical examinations and were cleared to fly. They had normal heart rate and blood pressure, and their alcohol test results were negative.

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