90 Day Fiance: Citra Shrugs off Sam’s Cheating


Citra shrugs off Sam Wilson cheating on her on the 90 Day Fiance reunion show. Her reaction shocks everyone. But she has good reason to trust her husband.

90 Day Fiance: Sam Wilson & Citra Share Good News

Sam Wilson and Citra reveal on the reunion special that they are expecting a baby. The TLC couple admits that they haven’t been married for long and wanted to spend more time with just the two of them before welcoming a new addition. However, they are happy to be having a baby girl and can’t wait to see what this next chapter of their life brings.

The 90 Day Fiance couple may be excited to become a father. But there was a possibility he would have to serve jail time However, he reveals on the reunion show that he was being lazy when he didn’t file his papers for the diversion programs. But, he is happy to share that he was able to get a spot in the program.

Sam explains that he doesn’t have to go to jail as long as he doesn’t mess up in the program. The TLC celeb has to attend counseling. He may have to take daily drug tests. He also has to maintain a full-time job for a year.

Citra was afraid that her husband was going to have to go to jail. She didn’t want to have the baby without him. And be alone raising a newborn.

Sam Cheats on Citra

Sam’s legal issue isn’t the only incident from his past that is brought up during the reunion special. He revealed to producers early on that he had a “brief affair” while he and Citra were in a committed relationship. He explains he had a one-night stand with a lady he met while ride-sharing.

90 Day Fiance: Citra - Sam Wilson
Citra & Sam Wilson | TLC

However, the 90 Day Fiance cast member reveals that he did come clean about it. He says it was a “quick little fling” that meant nothing to him. It was during a time when they weren’t sure about their relationship. He also hadn’t met her in person yet.

Citra felt that after the incident, there were trust issues in their relationship. However, their stories don’t match up. She reveals that Sam told her he wasn’t intimate with this lady. She explains that he saw something weird and had left before anything could happen. But he remembers telling her that he did sleep with her.

90 Day Fiance: Citra
90 Day Fiance: Tell All | TLC

90 Day Fiance Celeb Trusts Husband

Citra finds out that Sam Wilson cheated on her. But her reaction seems off. She is quiet. She doesn’t look fazed to learn that he went all the way with another woman.

The 90 Day Fiance castmate explains that she can now fully trust her husband. Citra and Sam have been able to build trust with each other since that incident. She feels they don’t have any secrets and that “everything is fine.” She feels confident in her relationship and explains that he always puts her first.

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