Brickbat: Dog Gone


An adorable brown and white dog with traces of black around the nose and eyes. | Vlad Georgescu |

When Melissa Evans’ dog Spotty got away, she feared she might never see him again. But she got a call from Oklahoma City Animal Welfare saying they had picked up the dog and she could get him back if she got him neutered; she agreed. But when she went to pick up Spotty, staff told her the dog had been mistakenly euthanized.  “There were two dogs in this particular kennel that had come in together,” said Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary. “Very similar-looking dogs. Same coloring, same sex, same breed type.” The other dog was scheduled to be euthanized instead of Spotty. “We went into the kennel and mistakenly pulled the wrong dog out,” Gary said. “And the wrong dog was euthanized.”

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