Stephen Colbert Destroys Trump For Mocking Biden’s Stutter


Stephen Colbert on Trump mocking Biden.

Stephen Colbert took down Trump for mocking President Biden’s stutter at one of his rallies.

Colbert said after playing a clip of Trump mocking Biden, “Wow. You really want to go there? First of all, Biden didn’t stutter like that. Second, if you want to make this a word-talkin’ contest, you’re one of the weirdest speakers in human history. Here’s Trump later in that same speech, saying something.”

Colbert played a clip of Trump saying, ” They are weaponizing law enforcement for high-level election interference against Joe Biden’s top and only political appointment, a guy named me. It’s a guy named me.”

Stephen Colbert responded, “Can he not remember his own name at this point? Maybe that’s why he puts it on all of his buildings. ‘Nice to meet you. I’m… Trump! [Cheering] This is my beautiful wife… Panera.’ It’s that level of communication that has many questioning his mental fitness. But what some call brain damage, he calls brain advantage.”


For Trump to mock anyone when he doesn’t seem to know who the current president is most of the time is saying something.

It was obvious that Trump mocked Biden’s stutter because he saw his chances of winning the election in November going up in flames as all of the bogus hysteria about Biden’s age was put to rest at the State Of The Union,

Donald Trump is a mess who can’t get through a speech without a teleprompter, but he wants America to believe that Joe Biden has an age problem.

The nation needs to take a look at Donald Trump because it appears that his brain is broken and yet, Republicans have handed him their presidential nomination in 2024.


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