Student heroes of struggle against one unit remembered



Sindh Shagird Sabha (SSS) held a demonstration in front of the Hyderabad Press Club to pay tribute to heroes of studennt struggle of March 4, 1967.

Asif Sindhi, Akash Jugno, Adeel Laghari and others led the demonstration.

Speaking on the occasion, the participants said that March 4 is an important day of student politics in Sindh. On March 4, 1967, students of Sindh staged protest challenging One Unit and dictatorship of Ayub Khan, which later turned into a movement in Sindh.

The leaders said that students are integral part of society who are the guardians of the future. When unity of Sindh was attacked and One Unit was imposed, the entire Sindh protested. They said that students of Sindh University will live forever in the history due to their historical struggle.

The March 4 student movement initially started in reaction to former Hyderabad commissioner Masroor Ahsan’s removal of then SU vice-chancellor Hassan Ali Abdul Rahman

The movement sparked when nationalist students Laghari and Mujeeb Peerzado were elected as presidents of the student unions at SU and its neighbouring engineering college, now named Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. On March 4, they planned a rally in Hyderabad to vent their anger against the commissioner, as well as the One Unit system. They embarked on buses in Jamshoro to reach Hyderabad but were stopped on the way after crossing the Kotri Barrage, arrested in their hundreds and imprisoned in the Central Jail for a few days.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 5th, 2024.


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