2 Dead Babies Found In Glass Bottles By Cleaner In Hong Kong


2 Dead Babies Found In Glass Bottles By Cleaner In Hong Kong

Both babies seemed to be less than a year old.

A cleaner discovered two dead baby boys in glass bottles in the living room of an abandoned rented Hong Kong flat on Saturday, as per a report in Fox News. A man and a woman, who are believed to be the parents of the two boys, have been detained. 

At a briefing, officials stated that they are continuing to look into the two boys’ deaths. Both seemed to be less than a year old. “The bodies were soaked in liquid and kept in bottles that were placed in the corner of the living room,” the report added. The bodies were found after the landlord sent a cleaner to the house since the flat had been vacated.

To ascertain the exact age of the babies and to understand whether they were dead at birth, Chief Inspector Au Yeung Tak of the New Territories North division informed reporters that an autopsy would be conducted. He added that the bottles were 30 centimetres tall and the bodies had no obvious signs of injury.

Two people, a 22-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, were taken into custody on suspicion of unlawful body disposal. According to Mr. Au Yeung, they are thought to be a couple. The man is reported to be a warehouse worker and the woman works in public relations.

In a similar incident, a one-year-old girl was found hidden a in dresser drawer at a home in Oklahoma, USA. Authorities believe Roan Waters, her mother’s boyfriend, killed her and hid her body in a drawer in an abandoned house close to Morgantown. Her death was classified as a “homicide of unspecified means.”

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