California lawmaker proposes bill to end daylight saving


A representational image of a clock. — Unsplash
A representational image of a clock. — Unsplash

As daylight saving begins today in the United States, the clocks will be moved ahead by an hour to get longer days, CBS News reported.

This custom is not only followed in the US but in many countries across Europe, North America, and parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.

In the state of California, Senator Roger Niello, in collaboration with senators from Oregon and Washington, plans to adopt one time.

The proposed legislation aims to adopt one standard time and to end changing of times to daylight savings.

Niello said, “Sleep experts believe it is more appropriate to our natural clocks.”

According to The American Medical Association, the transition from standard time to daylight saving and vice versa is associated with Cardiovascular diseases.

He said, “If my legislation prevails next November, we’ll turn them back again and we’ll never change them again after that.”

In 2018, proposition 7, which gives the state the authority to make changes to daylight saving times was approved by voters in California.

However, it does require Congress approval.

“It also authorised us by simple majority to change to permanent standard time, and that does not require congressional approval,” Niello said.

The legislation has garnered mixed responses with many people saying daylight savings is beneficial for everyone as it has proved to reduce crime rate.

The extra hour of sunshine is also good for mental health.

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